Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last Post - Fond Farewell

Dear readers,

This will be my last post.

After posting on my blog diligently every week for the last two years I have decided to move on to other projects.

Writing this blog has been an adventure of the soul. It has taught me many things about myself, about others and about the world.

I looked at life a little differently these last two years. A bit like a reporter would I guess, with an intense curiosity about what is happening around them and a desire to report events back to the rest of the world with their own spin and insights. I would go about my daily life on the lookout for intriguing books, movies, events. I would see deeper meaning in banal everyday situations. And I would ask myself "what thoughts and feelings do I want to share with readers in cyberspace this week?"

I plan to keep that spirit of inquiry alive. I want to nurture an attitude of wonder in all my new ventures. That is what this blog taught is all about perspective. There is always a lesson to be learned, in the momentous occasions as well as in the innocuous circumstances. You just need to open your mind and your heart to what emerges from your encounters. Magic happens. We all still have so much to learn from life.

Thanks for accompanying me along this journey.

Thanks for your words of encouragement along the way.

Many blessings,